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Arizona Law…What would Jesus Do?

Here is an interesting thought?  What would Jesus do in regards to illegal immigration?  I have seen this post, and have heard this argument several times.  The basis for the argument (usually posted by atheist looking to point out the hypocrisy of Christians) “Jesus preached love your neighbor” or “Jesus talked about helping the poor”. 

Now, having read this I immediately thought of one of my previous posts.  In this post I touched on whether or not we could rebel against a government.  Ultimately, the Bible states that we are to follow the law of the land, unless it contradicts the word of God.

What can we take from this?

Those that say Jesus would have a problem with this law (or any immigration law) for that matter are incorrect.  The law of the land outlines current regulations for immigration.  Arizona passed a law based on the federal immigration law, and is now the law of the land in Arizona.

So back to the question…What would Jesus do?

HE WOULD OBEY THE LAW!  He would pray that those who are breaking the law by entering the country illegally would follow the law. 

How do I know?  Romans 13:1-7

If, for whatever reason, you disagree with the law then the word of God does allow you to work within the law to make changes.  That being said those that enter the country illegally do not submit to authority.  They are violating this command.

On a personal note…I guess there is a sense of irony here.  The federal government pushes health care when no one wants it.  Atheists, and supporters of the President tell Christians…you have to follow the law because it is what the Bible says to do.  Then a few months later Arizona passes a law to enforce the illegal immigration laws of the federal government, and they cry foul….  I’m just sayin’

One response to “Arizona Law…What would Jesus Do?

  1. Susan July 29, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Could not have said it better!
    My frustration is that they have made this a “racial thing” when it is nothing more than a “legal thing”. I have nothing against “legal” immigration regardless of race.

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