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And now….’Blood Libel’

(Warning:   Political and Biblical Commentary below)

(Another Warning:  The views of KCBOB do not reflect the views of KBthejesusfreak)


And now this.  It has been very hard to not write anything about what has been happening in regards to the shooting in Arizona.  The one post I did focused on the reported beliefs of the shooter.  And now this…

Within hours of the shooting many began to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting.  Not just Hated because she is Christian?Sarah Palin…every single person who spoke in opposition to the Democratic agenda and had a loud microphone.  The argument, because of some political picture where Congresswoman Giffords district was targeted this lunatic went and shot up an event Hosted by Giffords.  This, they argue shows that Palin had influence over the gunman and thus was the reason he shot all of those people.  This argument perpetrated by the law enforcement agency (Sheriff Dupnik).  Rather than place the blame of the shooting on a deranged madman…It was the fault of the right wing extremists.  Now many democrats and some republicans are looking to outlaw speech that is “extremist” in nature.

And now this…

Palin posts a video and posted remarks which labeled the attacks leveled at her as ‘blood libel’.  Brief explanation of blood libel can be found here.   It is clear now (as if it hadn’t been made clear before) that Sarah Palin is hated for who she is.  Who is Palin?  Palin has identified herself as a Conservative Christian.  She often uses scripture or speaks of our commitment to God during many of her speeches.  Politics aside, I believe she is hated because she represents a POSESSING FAITH Christian who will not yield her faith for public opinion.  The blood libel remark doesn’t mean that much to me in regards to the historical context.  It does mean something to me in her context.  They are exacting a blood sacrifice from her because she is a Christian.  I get that the blood libel thing didn’t happen….but this is.  These people want to see Palin bleed.  Because Palin has been un-yielding in her belief in God, and everything that stems from it, she has become the target.

As Christian’s we all have to know that this is the life we choose.  Staying staunch in your beliefs will cause you to be called a bigot, zealot, lunatic, crazy, idiotic, and any other number of other names.  All of which Palin has been described as.  If you have been put into the position where you have to defend your faith…chances are you have been called these things as well.  But we know these things will happen (Matthew 10:22).  So we all must be mentally and spiritually prepared, because the climate…is beginning to change. 

I mentioned that many democrats and republicans are now on a legislative war path to limit speech.  If it can be considered extremist then it will be legislated.  The one small problem with that…Christianity is considered by many to be extremist.  Given who has been blamed for the shooting in Arizona (conservative Christians) it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they are going with this. 

My hope is that this doesn’t hold and that it is a momentary flash of emotion.  But as my wife and I watched TV last night, I came to the conclusion that this may not be the case.  One pundit disagreed with what Sheriff Dupnik did but agreed with what he said.  This is the conclusion that I am sure many liberals are making at this moment. 

Folks we need to be prepared to stand our ground according to 1 Peter 3:15.  We need to hold firm according to Matthew 10:22.  There will come a time where you will have to choose between this world and your heavenly Father. 

Romans 1:18-32



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