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The Little “Mermaid”

So last weekend we were down at the lake and happened to be watching the River Monster marathon.  We saw a promo for this show called Mermaids.  It looked interesting

YEAH! I came from a monkey!

so we decided to give it a watch.  This show postulated that in addition to evolving into humans, they also evolved into mermaids.  In other woods, when the human race was evolving, some went into the woods, and others went to the sea.  Most of the show was animation of how they evolved and what they looked like in their transitional states.

The show based all of this on key evidence found from the insides of a shark.

They found a single fin – this is where the feet had bonded together through evolution.

They found a human rib cage.

They found a hand.

They found tools.

And the most incredible part…they found three skull fragments that were tiny.  They were then able to create an entire skull from it.

Of course their existence had been kept secret from us courtesy of the US Navy.  In fact…it was the Navy who was ruthlessly killing these Mermaids through some sort of sonar testing.

A few things stuck out to me while watching this show.

  1. The evidence was so phony that the whole thing appeared to be a hoax.  Almost like a Blair Witch Project for the Animal Planet.  As it turns out…if you watch the credits…it was a work of fiction.  Completely not true.
  2. People actually believe this to be true! The immediate reaction after the show was incredible.  People discussing the “evidence”.   All in the context that it appeared to be the real deal.

You know our stance on evolution.  If not, or you are new to this blog there are several posts that will refute the “science” of evolution.

The general reaction to mermaids demonstrates how ingrained the falsehood of evolution is in our global society.  Much like man made global warming; the science of evolution has been a perpetuated lie to show the world that God does not exist.  It is hard to contemplate how far down the rabbit whole the world has gone.  However, Mermaids demonstrates just how far down we have gone when millions of people watch it and believe it to be plausible.

But then again maybe there was something else behind it.  Maybe the entire point was to reinforce the idea of evolution even when what they were presenting was entirely false.  To further reinforce the idea of evolution.  To further ingrain it into this generation’s mind that evolution is truth thus perpetuating the notion that God does not exist.

Maybe that was their intention all along.

4 responses to “The Little “Mermaid”

  1. Adam Benton June 2, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    It sounds like you’re talking about the aquatic ape “theory” (I’m not sure, I didn’t see that show) which is one of the more stupider models regarding human evolution. My advice would be to ignore the whole thing, the evidence rests on a few anomalies.

    “Oh, we don’t have hair over our bodies! Hippos don’t either. Therefore we lived like hippos”

  2. Robert Eshleman June 4, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Adam, I am curious…How can one evolutionary model be stupid while another permissible. They both must be permissible. Why would you say that the aquatic ape theory is stupid and not all of evolution?

  3. Adam Benton June 6, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Science has a standard of evidence you must provide, regardless of whether you’re mentioning evolution or not. To meet this burden of proof the typical evolutionary explanation of human origins has furnished over 800 hominin fossils living on land. The aquatic ape “theory” on the other hand has a handful of anomalies (like the aforementioned hair loss). Whilst those are interesting and worthy of investigation, basing an explanation entirely upon them is the wrong way to go.

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