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A religion on trial

Careful gang….that is not our cross.

Every once in a while I stumble across something that I feel is important enough to talk about that may not be involved explicitly with apologetics. This is one of those things. Last week I started to look into writing a post about scientology. I wanted to do this primarily because it is commonly described as the fastest growing religion in the world (this has been proven to be a lie). Thinking that this could be a future apologetic opportunity I figured I would get a head start.
So I started watching a few documentaries last week when the whole thing with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise broke. Why is this relevant? Tom Cruise is VERY high up the food chain in Scientology. The story goes that Katie split and is divorcing Tom because Suri is now of age to join the Sea Org or get more involved with Scientology. Katie is asking for sole custody. This is critical, because if Tom Cruise fights back for joint custody we could very well see the religion (or cult) of Scientology on trial.
This is a fascinating prospect as Scientology has fallen under intense scrutiny for the way that it handles those who leave Scientology. Basically, they have a practice of forcing relatives to disavow other relatives that leave the church. There are stories of emotional abuse, physical abuse, and the worship of an alien named Xenu. Rather than spending my time talking about Scientology (the cult) I would rather focus on the implications of this upcoming trial.

– A religion on trial is not a very promising prospect but in order for Katie Holmes to prove the point that she is protecting her daughter from Scientology she will have to prove why she is wanting to protect her daughter from Scientology. This means that Scientology goes on trial. Some people may cringe at the notion of a religion being on trial in an actual court of law. I am not sure that this is a bad thing. Besides…when was the last time you saw a mother stripping her kids from a bible believing Christian father who wanted to get them more involved with Church?
– Scientology as a cult will be completely exposed by this. While most people would say that it already is, this will be the kind of exposure the average person will see because it will be all over public news.
Christianity has been on public trial since about 30 A.D. Really, God has constantly been on trial before a disbelieving human race since the fall of man. The odd thing is that Christianity gets lumped into a broader category of religion when things like this happen. Statements like “all religion is garbage” generate from public spectacles like this, which is unfortunate. Scientology shares nothing in common with Biblical Christianity. As a matter of fact Christianity stands alone in several aspects when compared to different religions.
So what do you think? Is it a bad thing that Scientology is about to go on trial?

One response to “A religion on trial

  1. debrinconcita July 29, 2012 at 2:55 am

    We will finally get the low down on this secret religion now that it’s going to told out in the open throughout the Tom Cruise & Katy Holmes DIVORCE.

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