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Mother abandons daughter at bar

A mother of a developmentally disabled 19 year old girl took her to a bar, told her to go to the bathroom, and then left.  CLICK HERE for the full story.

My heart sinks reading something as disgusting as this.  My immediate thought is, why?  What possible reason could this woman have

Well….He has always been with you.

for leaving her own daughter at a bar and abandoning her?  Is it because of the stress in raising a child that is developmentally disabled?  Has a hard time learning?  Has a hard time listening?  Present unique challenges?  Can be frustrating?  I can probably list many more reasons that this woman would give as to why she would abandon her.

Folks, all I can think about is what a loving God that we have.  Look at those questions above.  Do you realize that we are these things to God?  And rather than taking us to the nearest bar and dropping us off, shunning us, and abandoning us, He did the opposite.  He sent His Son to die on the cross for us.  He did this when we abandoned Him, when we chose not to listen, when we chose not to love Him, when we choose to deny Him and who He is.  He sent His Son despite our learning/developmental disabilities.

Lets forget the fact for one second that this was a disabled 19 year old girl abandoned by her mother.  What about sons and daughters with no disabilities who are abandoned by their mothers and fathers, daily.  ALL OF US need to remember (including those who do the abandoning) that God has never, and will never abandon us.  I thank the Lord every day for this.  That while I am a hard headed, stubborn, lazy, ignorant, idolatrous and rebellious, that He never decided to say…Hey Robert, why don’t you go stare at that shiny car for  a while….I’ll be right here waiting for you when you are done….wink, wink.

Thank you God for being perfect in love and in grace.

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