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Facebook modifies their mission statement

In case you missed it Facebook recently changed their mission statement to the following:


Facebook’s true mission…as long as you agree with them.

What makes me say this?

I have been paying attention to the whole Chik-Fil-A thing that is taking place.  If you need a quick rundown on this FOLLOW THIS LINK.

There is now another story developing.  This one involves the censorship of a Facebook page that was supporting Chick-fil-A  by having an eat in on August 1.  Mike Huckabee is claiming that Facebook intentionally took down the page for 12 hours.  (Story is here)

The point of the Facebook page was to support Chick-fil-A and its stance on Christian values.  There is little doubt that Chick-fil-A is taking a beating regarding the gay marriage debate.  Huckabee wanted to affirm a business willing to take that stand.  Facebook apparently attempted to circumvent this by taking down the page.  Huckabee called them on the carpet.

For some this may sound like a conspiracy theory only and that the page going down was just coincidence.  I for one believe this to be intentional.  Let me tell you why:  Facebook pages simply just don’t go missing for any periods of time… for no reason.  When was the last time you can EVER recall any of the pages you have ever visited on Facebook just….disappearing?  This would have to involve a change in the code.  Only two people have that access, a Facebook developer and a hacker and hacking has not been reported at Facebook.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable with Facebook because of what it did…it should.  Not only is this type of move censorship, but it is also Facebook imposing it’s values and beliefs on you by restricting your access to this site.

I would like to encourage all of you to take part in the Chick-fil-A appreciation day on August 1.  Show your support for a truly Christian organization.

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