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The Bible on History Channel

So a new series is beginning on the History Channel tonight.  This series will be acting out the Bible and is creatively called….”The Bible”.  Reminds me of…”Allow myself to introduce….myself”.




Anyway…I will be tuning in with a skeptical eye of course because cable channels like the History Channel tend to approach topics related Christianity from a secular perspective and tend to get many facts wrong or write it from the perspective that it is a fairly tale.

I will do my best to post my opinion of this show as it goes along.  I will have to say that I have pretty low expectations.  We shall see.

Here is a link to the show in case you haven’t heard of it.

Be sure to grab your Bible….get comfortable and hopefully enjoy!

One response to “The Bible on History Channel

  1. trinalynn73 March 3, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    Some of it was off. Bothered me. How about the samauri angels?! 🙂 Waiting to read your followups!

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