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The Bible….review #1

I am about half way through the first show.

I did find where the producers were interviewed on Bill O’Reilly.  They describe themselves as being devout Christians.  They talkedabout how they wanted to create a show that would depict the Bible as is… so how are they doing?

Well…The first major thing of note Lot and Sodom.

Okay so the show depicts this event as follows:  the two angels go to Sodom, and are apparently assaulted and wind up at Lots house.  Lot then allows the angels into the house where he holds off the crowd outside.  Lot tells the crowd that they (angels) are his guests and that he will not let them take them.  Well that didn’t please them so the angels (one of which was a Samurai master) went out and cut a pathway out of the city.

Ninja angel


What really happened?

Lot is sitting in the gateway to Sodom.  The two angels walk up, and apparently Lot recognizes them and refers to them as lords.  Lot invites them to his humble abode, but the angels refuse wanting to spend the night in the square.  Lot insists and finally the angels give way to Lot.  Now, while the conversation was going on someone or a group of people noticed the angels.  Lot leads the angels back to his house and cooks a meal.  Meanwhile a gang forms outside of Lots doors and they are demanding the two angels….to have sex with them.  Lot, protecting his guests offers his daughters to them.  That was unacceptable to this gang, and they threatened to hurt Lot and pressed forward to the door.  The angels pulled Lot back, struck the gang with blindness, and lead them out of the city.

I think the show really missed an opportunity with this.  Can you think of this scene where Lot chooses to protect the servants of God by giving his own daughters over to this gang of miscreants?  What a powerful message of sacrifice   This was the reason he was saved out of the city.   Also….what a way to cheapen everything that the show accomplished in a 2 minute segment.  A Samurai ..really?  Of everything that was in the show this will be the one thing remembered.  No one will be talking about the imagery of Noah’s arc or the faith of Abraham, or the depiction of Egypt (which was incredible)…but every is talking about ninja angels….

3 responses to “The Bible….review #1

  1. THE ANCIENT LIBRARIAN March 4, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    You’re right! No one will remember Abraham, etc., and I will admit that I’ve seen better depictions of the Bible. However, I liked the Ninja angels, and the special effects were good.

    I’m looking forward to the remainder of the series.

  2. Wanda March 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    From what I understood from the original interviews was that this movie was made to get the youth excited about the Bible. The first series, I believe, accomplished that. The thought that Abraham was going to kill his first son showed me the power that God has and the grace he has.

    Maybe Ninja angels was not the right “choice” but it is all over the internet and our customers are talking about it today. If it starts the discussion and people open their eyes, then well done.

  3. Henry Yarborough March 5, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I agree that leaving Lot’s sacrifice from the story was disheartening but I liked the rest of the two hours.

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