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An open letter to Adam and Eve

Dear Adam and Eve,

As you are reading this you are probably wondering who this is.  For right now, I will call myself a descendent from the far future.  Right now, I am sure both of you are trying to figure out what happened.  One minute both you are relaxing with God in the Garden, the next kicked out of the garden.  Let me put your decision to eat the fruit into perspective…there are 6 billion people today who are in rebellion against God because of your actions.  Countless hundreds of billions who have perished without ever getting to know God.  Countless billions who have died denying that God even exists!

Let that sink in for a little bit, because it is that serious.

That sinking feeling that you have in your stomach right now is justified.

Your defiance of God has been passed down from generation to generation.  As a result, the world is full of defiant people towards God.  I personally sit writing this letter, as a condemned man before God because of your defiance.  There is no doubt that your world has changed before your very eyes.  That is just the beginning.

The only words of comfort that I can really offer to you is this….even though He is not physically there, God still controls the world.  That’s about it.

Here is a top 10 list of things for you to think about:

  1. I am sure you already know this by know…If someone tells you to do something contrary to God’s command…YOU SAY NO!
  2. Go ahead and start praying for a man named Fidel Pages.  Trust me, know that pain will be a part of birth…millions of future women will love you for it.
  3. While you’re at it go ahead and begin praying for Alexander Fleming, Thomas Edison, Paul Nipkow, and Konrad Zuse.  These men have some of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.  It will help spread the word of God.
  4. You are going to name a son Cain.  Pay special attention to this kid.  You may also want to take the time to demonstrate that haste makes waste.
  5. Adam, if Eve says that you are wrong…chances are that you are.  Listen to Eve explain how you are wrong, then apologize.
  6. Eve, there are times where your husband will be right.  Let it go.
  7. Adam/Eve there is nothing wrong with sex between married couples.  Be sure to pass that down to all of your children.
  8. Things will get a little pretentious between the two of you at times.  Forgive each other and move on.
  9. One of your descendants will be called the second Adam.  Don’t worry and don’t take offense…where you failed, he won’t.
  10. Also, don’t take offense when everyone that enters heaven comes up to you and offers to give you a high five.  I am sure that it isn’t sarcasm; they are probably excited that they made it to heaven despite the lives they lived.

This list is not comprehensive, but you should get the point.


Future Descendent

Missionaries Murdered…

I just wanted to write a quick post for this.  Everyone, I am sure, has heard about the four Americans taken hostage by Somali pirates.  They were taken hostage while sailing around the world handing out Bibles for those in need.

Word comes this morning that all four Americans have been killed, and the Somali Pirates have either been captured or killed.

While it is not clear that the murder of these missionaries rises to martyrdom, it is clear that they were murdered while fulfilling the great commission.  It appears that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when the yacht was overrun by pirates. 

We should pray for the family members to be able to find solace with our Lord.  We should rejoice for our brothers and sisters for finding peace with our Lord.  And, we should pray that we should be so bold as to try to fulfill the great commission as our fallen brothers and sisters were.

This should serve as a reminder that we need to be praying for our missionaries that place themselves in harm’s way .  We should also be praying for the pirates, and that they can be reached by the saving grace of our Lord.

The names of the Americans killed:

Dr. Bob Riggle, Phyllis Macay

Jean and Scott Adam

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