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Dino Dan the atheist

Okay, so my kids have started watching a show on Nick Jr. called Dino Dan.  This show is about a little boy who can see dinosaurs.  He tracks

Dino Dan the Atheist?

them and takes notes.The show prides itself on it’s “dino facts”.  These are the facts that they present on the show.  The show also talks about using the scientific method to solve problems.

My kids really enjoy this show.  They enjoy watching the dinosaur’s.  I have to admit…if I were a kid and this show was on…I would have watched it as well.  Okay, okay…I did watch it with them.

So as I am watching Dino Dan with my kids and I hear them talking about dinosaurs being millions of years old.  I hear this in passing and don’t think anything of it…until my daughter draws a dinosaur and tells me that it is millions of years old.  This poses a problem.  With that timeline, Dino Dan assumes the evolutionary model of Earth.

I had to explain to my daughter that the science used to say that the dinosaurs were millions of years old (carbon dating) was not very solid,  and that the dinosaurs are probably not millions of years old.  The reason that I have problems with this show is that it presents these things as (indisputable) facts.  Even the most hardened evolutionist will have to admit that the dating method for dinosaurs is rickety at best, but Dino Dan….does not.

Herein lies the problem.  We have discussed on a number of occasions how we are constantly bombarded by society with “facts” about how the earth was created and about how we were formed.  Evolutionists have for some time been pushing their agenda in the classroom, and recently (last 40-50 years) have been winning the battle for the classroom.  Evolution, while having absolutely no evidence to support it, has burrowed it’s way into the classroom for our kids to digest as truth.  Where evolution exists…God cannot exist.  Evolutionists (and atheists) know this.  While the battle rages for the classroom, shows like Dino Dan have free reign to spew  evolutionary thought without any kind of information about creation in the show.  So your kids get the evolution viewpoint without the creation view point at the ages of 3 – 8…when they are most impressionable.

Shows like Dino Dan wrap evolution up into a nice little present that your kids will easily digest.  So that by the time they are 10 they have completely bought into the idea that earth is millions of years old.  Teaching a younger earth to them in Sunday School or at home then becomes a challenge, and at a very young age kids are faced with their first major contradiction.  Dino Dan displays the effort that atheists will go through to indoctrinate our kids at such a young age.

As parents we should all be aware of what our kids are watching.  Fortunately, I happened to watch a few episodes with my kids.  This is indicative of the challenges that we face going forward.  The subtle attempts to indoctrinate our kids with a doctrine that deny’s the existence of God and his role in creation.  The older our kids get the better they are to use their own discernment skills.  At the ages of 3-8 their discernment skills are less developed.  This means that we have to be their discernment and filter.  Our protection now expands beyond regular TV now to the cartoons that they watch on channels like Nick Jr.  Which is unfortunate.

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