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Just an old fashioned love song…

Folks…lets talk some music.  I grew up listening to straight rock and roll. Bands of my choice, Led Zeppelin, and any grunge group (real grunge…Nirvana, Soundgarden and the like).  Over the last 5-7 years I had completely given up on new music.  There was no music worth listening to in my eyes.  No passion, no emotion.  Everything sounded the same and was littered with the same trash.  

So over the last couple of years the combination of church, my wife’s obsession with K-love and KB I have slowly started to give Christian music a try.  At first…the music was boring with a capital B.  I thought…maybe I just don’t get it, and there was just a general lack of feeling no emotion when listening to it.  In my mind in order for it to be good…I have to feel it.  I have to hear the emotion in the song, and the music.  I have to feel the emotion being poured out.  Over the last year I have finally started to feel the songs.  I am not sure what the change is.  I would like to think that Christian music is finally starting to break the cage and beginning to push the boundary without compromising the true intent of what it is meant to be.  A couple of songs have recently caught my ear, and it is changing my perspective of Christian music.

Undone (FFH)

Revelation Song (Phillips, Craig and Dean)  

So tell me guys…what’s your favorite Christian song?

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