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UFO sighting over the Temple Mount?

Okay….so a recent video has shown up on YouTube showing what reports to be a UFO floating above the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  This video has garnered a lot of attention over the last few days.  Here is the video:

 Here is another video of the same event….but from a different angle:

This video is indeed impressive, and gave me the chills just watching it. However, There is something odd about this video….maybe it has to do with this still photo being the exact backdrop to the video?

Back drop to a hoax?

To be fair, there are three videos of this event (one of which we won’t link because of foul language – we strive to keep our blog G or PG), and probably about 4 or 5 different speculations about what is happening here.  The guesses range from a true (alien) UFO to demons or angels to finally… just a hoax.  Christian blogs and message boards are certainly a buzz with this.  I am not convinced that this is real. 

So let’s take this a whole new direction…  What is the point of this video?  It would appear that there is some sort of religious significance with this…  But is there really?

Let’s pretend for a moment that this video is real…

What is the point?  What is the significance?  We know that God is in control…what does He gain with this?  The Bible allows us to draw a logical conclusion that aliens cannot exist.  Based on that conclusion, this would have to be an Angel descending from Heaven, sent directly by God and allowed by Him to make itself visable.  What do we get from that?  What does He get from that? In other words, what’s the benefit to God or humanity?

Given all this, then, let’s assume that the video is a hoax…

What is the point?  What is the significance?  What is gained from such a video?

See what I am getting at? 

Now, we at No Apologizing would never presume to know the heart of God, or to understand the actions of God.  But it often doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the motives of man.  These videos have exploded over the internet, and on the blogosphere.  Someone has gotten a lot of attention with this. 

MANY are using this video for religious purposes….ALREADY.  “It was an Angel from God”,  “The Angel above the Mosque PROVES the Islam is the one true religion”.  Again weigh this video based on the motives of man vs. what we know about God…

There is significant evidence that this is a hoax…  This begs the question: Why are people so willing to believe something like this is real?  Is it because they are looking for something that is bigger than themselves?  Is it because they desire to see something incredible?  Be a part of or witness something that is historic?  That it is impossible to believe that God created this universe and/or there is no way that we are the only ones here?

Whatever it is… I am willing to bet that they believe videos like this because there is a hole that needs to be filled in their spirit.  Rather than filling it with God, they fill it with things like this…

Just a thought.


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I have found the missing link.  In a recent archeological expedition in my own back yard I discovered a tooth.  From this tooth I was able to recreate the missing link based on keen scientific evidence.  I have an artist’s rendering of what this missing link looks like based on the tooth.  I will be sure to post that once it has been completed.


If I had a dollar for every time a “scientist” had discovered the nail in the coffin of Christianity I would be a rich man by now.   Scientists are always claiming to have found evidence that disproves Christianity or something in the Bible.   Take evolution for example.   There are a number of instances where “scientists” have discovered the final piece of evidence to prove evolution.   

Ever since Darwin published his evolution model scientists have been looking for the “missing link” that would bury the idea that God created man.   What do I mean?   Since 1891 scientists have discovered the missing link.   Java man was claimed to be the originator   of humans.   [1] All that was found? A skullcap (from a gibbon), three teeth and a femur.   To add to that, the femur was found a year after the skullcap was found.

Neanderthal man, discovered in 1908, is probably one of the more popular discoveries.   The common image of Neanderthal man is that of a knuckle dragging half man, ape being. [2] The truth, Neanderthal Man is a normal human being.   He just suffered from rickets, and arthritis.

[3] Piltdown man was found in 1912.   Like Java man, Piltdown man was the discovery that would disprove the Bible.   41 years later it was proven to be a forgery.   The skull was found to be a modern skull (circa 1912), the bone fragments were chemically stained, and the teeth had been filed down.

Nebraska Man, discovered in 1922, was created from a single tooth found in Nebraska.   That’s right, one tooth.   This tooth provided for an entire evolution model and picture.   [4] The only problem was that the tooth that was discovered was from that of a pig.

One of the more recent missing link found was in 1999.   This missing link was discovered in China, and was hailed as being the missing link between reptile and bird.   Once again this discovery was proven to be a complete forgery. [5]  This finding combined the head and body of a primitive bird and the tail and hind limb of a dinosaur…all glued together by a Chinese farmer.

I can understand how something like this may have you questioning your faith.   But remember, in over 150 years they have not been able to discover any evidence of the missing link.   This is but a sampling of the biggest “discoveries” of those who reject God.   If it were me responding to this…I would lean on the most historically proven document known to man kind.   The only document in the history of the world, to be 100% correct.   A document that has upheld to centuries of scrutiny.   The document that holds the holy word of God.   I will stand by the Bible everyday of the week, and twice on Sunday.

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