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‘Occupy’ Whatever….Dismiss God?

So EVERYONE knows about the ‘Occupy’ movement.  The goal of their movement is…well all over
the place.  I just read an article that compares the ‘occupy’ movement with the Anabaptist movement…seriously.  Needless to say within any event like this the ultimate question becomes, would Jesus attend this?  Is it Biblical?  Not gonna discuss that at this point in time (maybe later this week).  Right now… I want to focus on the ideology behind this.

The primary (One of the many I guess)  goal  of the ‘occupy’ movement is to be all inclusive.  When I hear something like this, I immediately think to myself…is that even possible? Can all groups be included without excluding a group to be able to include another group?   I would argue no, it Is not possible.  Our faith whether Atheist, Agnostic  or Christian would prevent us  from doing so.  Surely an Atheist would agree with me that if
these events acknowledged a God then you would have a hard time supporting it.  Likewise, if God is intentionally excluded, I would not support this.

So if all references to God are removed, has a group been excluded?  Yes, God has been excluded.  What brings this up…Apparently  the ‘Occupy’ groups do not mention God intentionally.  Yes… in order to be inclusive to Atheists and Agnostics…they have excluded Christians.

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