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Don’t believe in human caused global warming? The Pope thinks you are perverse.

I found this article and thought to myself, well isn’t this interesting. The Pope has declared anyone who does not believe in the science of human-made global warming as being perverse. This further emphasizes his earlier point that global warming is mainly due to human activity, and blah, blah, blah global warming agenda.
A couple of other things he said, which were awesome.
– Challenging the “accepted” science of human-caused global warming doesn’t help honest research.

– This was a good one, challenging “accepted” science doesn’t help sincere productive dialogue; while labeling these people as being perverse does.

– And, with everything that is happening in the world, YES, climate change is one of the most worrisome phenomena that humanity is facing.

I would normally dismiss this altogether as being just another article where science is God, and man has the power to control God’s creation. In other words, I would read something like this and think here is another evolutionist arguing that HUMANITY is destroying the planet.
However, I have to remind myself that this person has been placed at the top of a church, which is the largest “Christian” denomination in the world. He is now condemning those who have faith that God is omnipotent, meaning God will destroy the planet according to Revelation, not man. Not to mention, that this issue is one of the most worrisome phenomena we are facing?
If we believed all of the doomsday climate changers the earth would have been destroyed, or some significant cataclysmic event would have taken place at least 20 times over. Don’t believe me…just ask Algore and his doomsday clock.
By throwing labels around in the manner, which he does, he has not only stifled those who are ardent believers in God’s omnipotence, but he has also politicized himself, and his “church.” Right now, instead of talking about the saving grace of God, people are talking about the Pope’s belief about global warming. This makes him no different from any worldly leader.
I wonder, is it worse to be perverted for questioning questionable science, or perverting scripture to limit the omnipotence of God? I think I know what side I am on.

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