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It’s the end of the…oh well.

If you had 24 hours to live….what would you do?  Well you better start thinking about it.  Okay well not really.  Unless of course you believe Harold Camping’s erroneous claim that you will be raptured tomorrow night!  But for us low lives that believe that Harold Camping is a false prophet…well we aren’t going to be so lucky.  Needless to say I am going to have a hard time explaining this to my youth group tomorrow night when they realized that we haven’t been raptured.

Furthermore…I am going to have a difficult time explaining to all of my readers here; first why I wasn’t raptured, and second why they weren’t raptured.

I have been racking my brain all morning to find something clever to say about this, and I really can’t.  The truth is that this is sad.  There is a group of people who believe this so much that they have preached to others that this is in fact going to happen. 

There are several biblical problems with Camping and his prediction that make him an obvious false prophet and he preaches a gospel and salvation message that is radically different than that presented in the Bible.  There is a ton of information on this guy.

We need to be praying for everyone involved with this heresy that they will come back to the biblical truth of scripture.  Also we need to be praying that no lives are lost as of a result of this lunatic.  The worst thing that could happen is that people believe that they are not raptured when Camping’s hour passes (and it will) and feel like they were “left behind.”

If you know someone that has been mislead by this false prophet, do everything you can to be in touch with them over the next 48 hours.  They will need your support, and they will need affirmation that Christ still loves them, and that their salvation is not dependent on believing a man…but believing in Christ. 

The worst part about all of this is the association with this group and Jesus.  Because of this false prophet non-believers will, once again, have opportunity to dismiss the loving nature of God and the sacrifice of Jesus.  I am wondering if there needs to be a larger effort on behalf of the church to confront false prophets (much like Paul and Peter did).  I wonder if an organized effort should be created to aggressively refute heretics that blaspheme the name of God with their preaching and false doctrine.  The modern church (with some exceptions) has been laid back in its public stance against heresy. 


The Magic eight ball

Everyone is amazed when someone is able to predict something and it actually comes true. The general feeling is one of awe, one of amazement.  I mean….predicting the future must be incredible, then it coming true is all the more amazing.  What if I were to tell you that I have read multiple predictions, and those predictions came true some 700 years after it was written.  What would you say to that?  Forget 10 years, where one could easily trend a prediction and get it right.  We are not talking about the prediction that Mizzou would have beaten Oklahoma this year in football.  We are talking the equivalent of King Edward the II making a prediction that Obama would become president in 2008.  We are talking about pin point accuracy.  Nothing like the two SS of Nostradamus’s famous Hitler prediction.  Pin point accuracy about where Obama was born.  The predictions would have been written about 1310 or so, and would have been 100% accurate.  Can you imagine that?   America had not even been discovered.  The renaissance had not begun.  Flying was for the birds.  The sun revolved around the earth. Newton had not yet described universal gravitation, or the three laws of motion! Can you imagine this for one second?

I have read such a document, and you can too.  These predictions or prophecies can be found generally in 7 books in the Bible.  These are the key messianic prophesies in the Old Testament.  These are the Bible verses that foretold the coming of Christ:


3:15                        Messiah to reconcile men to God; fully human, born of woman, he  will utterly defeat Satan.

22:18                     He will be of the family of Abraham

49:10                     He will be of the Kingly tribe of Judah


18:15                     He will be a prophet who, like Moses, revealed the Word of God.


2:1-2                      he will be tried by gentile rulers and condemned by his on people

16:10                     Through resurrection, by the Father, Jesus’ body will not see corruption

22:1                        He will experience the rejection of the Father at his death

22:6 – 7                 He will be mocked at his crucifixion

22:22                     Christ will glorify God in his church after His resurrection

40:6-8                    Christ delighted in all the Fathers will

69:7-12                 Christ would be rejected by men

89:4                        Christ will be of the eternal seed of David

89:26-28               Christ will be God’s eternal son, his unique first born

110:1                     He will ascend to the right hand of the Father and be coronated

110:4                     His priesthood will be eternal, after the manner of Melchizedek

132:11                   He will be of the lineage of David.


7:14                        Christ will have  a virgin birth, he will be called Immanuel

7:15-16                 He will grow up in a land dominated by a foreign power

9:1-2                      He will minister in Galilee

9:7                          He will be of the line of David, but his kingship will be eternal and he   will be the Son of God.

11:2                        He will be anointed with The Holy Spirit

11:4                        He will minister perfect justice regarding the poor and the meek.

24:16                     Christ will offer salvation to the entire world

40:3                        He will have a forerunner

42:1                        Christ will be the great anointed Servant of Yahweh

42:2                        His ministry will be gentle

42:6                        Christ will be the fulfillment of God’s covenant

49:6                        Christ will be a light to the Gentiles

52:14                     He would be disfigured by the abuses he suffered prior to crucifixion

53:4                        Christ will bear all our diseases

53:5                        He will provide atonement for sin

53:9                        He will be buried in a rich man’s tomb

53:10                     The Father will prolong Christ’s days by resurrecting him from the dead.


9:24                        His public ministry to being in AD 26. He would be crucified 3 ½ years later.


5:2                          Jesus would be born in Bethlehem


9:9                          He would enter Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt

11:12                     Christ  would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

12:10                     He would be pierced for our transgressions.

Is this pretty amazing or what?  Try to go through that list and find one criteria that Christ did not fulfill.

Remember these words were written anywhere from 2000 years to 500 years before Christ was born.

There is only one explanation for this, God.  Divine revelation to these prophets.  Incredible.

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