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We’ve got mail….yeaaaaaaah. We’ve got mail, we’ve got mail, we’ve got mail…

No Apologizing now has its own email…

KB and I are gearing up for our 100th post.  It is a pretty big deal that we hit this mark.  For the 100th post we are hoping to put together a vlog.  For those of you not familiar…a vlog is like a blog but only in video format.  What we would like to do for our vlog is to be as interactive with you as possible.  This could include questions about us, questions you have on theology, or just comments in general.  That is where the e-mail comes in…

Use the e-mail to send us your questions or comments.  We will use them in the vlog to generate discussion.  If you have something you would like for us to debate….send it in.  I can tell you right now the vlog has been decided on.  If we don’t receive any e-mails Kevin will be forced to do 20 push-ups on camera…well maybe that won’t work…because I am sure people will want to see that.

On behalf of Kevin (who is probably getting upset reading this) and I, we would like to thank you for reading our posts, and we hope you get something out of it.


Speed reading and other thoughts

Well I am a 10 days into the G90X experiment and I am already 3 days behind.  My wife…4.  Trying to read that much material, with a full time job, with two kids, and maintain a relationship is…difficult.  I am beginning to wonder whether or not I am actually gaining anything from reading the Bible so fast.  I love to read, but on important material…love to read slow, and study it.  I do not have that luxury with this plan so far.  Maybe 90 days is too aggressive for me personally.

I have not even started to memorize the bible verses yet.  I keep saying that I am going to get to it, but…in reality I am so focused on speed reading the Bible that it has taken a second seat.  So I guess from that perspective I am 10 days behind. 

My prayer life really hasn’t changed.  I can honestly say that I am prayer a lot.  I am not sure that it would fit into focused prayer, but it is prayer.  Even now I pray as to whether this type of forthrightness is the right thing to do.  In this since, I would probably say that I am probably 115 minutes of focused prayer behind.

I wonder of this type of schedule is too aggressive.  It reminds me of someone who wants to hurry up and get it done as opposed to someone who wants to take their time to get it right.  As I have been told a number of times…I don’t want it done, I want it done right.  What good is building a relationship with God if it is a hurry up and get it done mentality?  Relationships take time. Studying takes time. 

I will continue to plug away at my reading’s, and will focus more on prayer than anything.

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